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Tanning Products

The use of tanning lotion is essential to protect your skin while giving you that sexy bronze color you desire; using the right tanning lotion is the key to a great tan. Pacific Sun Tanning offers the best lines of indoor tanning lotions by Designer Skin to unlock your darkest tanning potential.


Accelerator tanning lotions speed up the tanning process while keeping your skin moisturized and able to absorb UV light. Accelerators contain tyrosine which is not found in other lotions. Tyrosine jumpstarts your skin’s melanin production and increases your tanning results in less time, for a deep, dark tan fast.

A bronzing tanning lotion is an accelerator (just like above) that contains a self tanner or a natural bronzer in it. We highly recommend using a tanning lotion with a bronzer if you are looking to jumpstart your bronze color or deepen the one you already have.

Tingles/Hot Actions

For the bold and brave! When you are ready to take your tan to the darkest level possible, these products will take you there. Temporary redness and itching is part of the pain for the gain with tingles and hot actions. So, it is for the serious tanner only.

Tan Extenders

Not all moisturizers are created equal. When you are tanning, your skin needs more than the average body lotion can provide it. Treat yourself to extreme moisture and tan extending ingredients to guarantee your skin long lasting, tanning results.

Face Lotions

Rest assured that you can put your best face forward when you choose a tanning product that is designed specifically for your face. Unlike the rest of your body, the skin on your face is the most sensitive and needs extra care to keep it looking great and ageless.

Legs Lotions

For most people, their legs are the hardest part of their body to get and keep tanned. We sell lotions designed just for those hard to tan areas, that contain strong natural and artificial bronzers to get your legs (or any other area) that perfect golden brown tan and keep it there!

Teeth Whiteners

TAN your way to a BRIGHTER SMILE with our UV activated teeth whitener. Now you can get whiter teeth while you tan. Our UV Teeth Whitening Kit is specially made to be used while you relax in a tanning bed. What a great way to improve the look of your body and smile at the same time!

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Designer Skin

Healthy, moist skin isn't just good for you. It's great for your tan. Healthy skin tans more quickly, gets darker and keeps its tan longer than dry skin.

Did you know??

  1. That using a tanning lotion can increase tour tanning potential by up to 70%
  2. That using a tanning lotion replenishes moisture loss that takes place during the tanning process
  3. Dry skin reflects UV light and using a tanning lotion helps make skin more translucent, resulting in quicker results
  4. Using a tanning lotion helps you tan FASTER, DARKER, LONGER!!
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