How can we help you? At Pacific Sun, we want you to be golden and happy!

Check out our quick guide below to our most frequently asked VIP billing questions,
our stay & save program and cancellations.

Hold-Up. Wait a second!

Did you know that you can FREEZE your VIP membership for any length of time and return to tanning when your good and ready to?

Freeze Facts

It’s only $5 bucks a month!
You can freeze your VIP membership for as long as you like.
You get discounted sessions to use while your membership is frozen!
You get credit back, for up to six months of freeze fees, for use in salons when you reactivate!
You keep your access to your locked in low price and do not have to repay the enrollment fees.

____ Yes, I want to freeze my membership.

____ No, I still need to cancel my VIP membership.

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